What You Must Know About Authority Sites

For businesses that are only getting off the ground, it is very important to understand that anything that can be searched may be found online. If you want to get your business started in the right way, you must see the enormous potential in going online and making a name for yourself or your business online. Authority SitesAlmost everyone is connected nowadays, and an online marketplace is the best places to be. How, then, do you make a name for yourself?

It is important, first and foremost, to be visible. Customers ignore what they cannot see, and so it is important to be seen by potential customers. Being that, there are so many other businesses trying to make a name online. It is vital that you rise up the ranks so that your business’ name pops up immediately when the potential customer searches for whatever it is that you are offering. On the topic of rising up the ranks, you must first understand what it is to be an “authority site”.

What is an “Authority Site”?  An authority site has the benefit of being the go-to site for people who are looking for something specific. Generally, if a website looks legitimate, it may be considered an authority site. If a site seems legitimate, then it gets higher rankings on Google, and is easily findable by people who are searching. More visitors equate to more potential customers, and potential customers may translate to actual, paying customers.

There are two ways for a website to seem legitimate. First is if the company running the website is familiar (Amazon and Apple are two good examples), then there would hardly be any questions regarding their legitimacy. Second is if the design of the website gives the impression of being clean, simple, and easy to navigate, then people would more likely frequently visit the site. The more visitors a site has, the more legitimate it becomes. Now, one question emerges: how does a business begin to look legitimate? How does a business increase its chances to become an authority site?

Here are few good tips to consider.

  1. Web Design, or how your website looks, matters very much. The better your website looks, the more relaxed visitors will feel. It is a good idea to get a professional web designer to fix your website’s design. Also, make sure that your website is easy to navigate. Keep things simple and easy to understand.
  2. People must have an easy access to your contact details. There must clearly be a button that says “Contact” in order for your potential clients to be able to get in touch with you. There is no point in showing what you have to offer if the potential clients don’t have a way to get in touch with you.
  3. Your message must be clear and concise. “A website or blog that displays relevant information is always trusted by visitors.” It is also important to see what your visitors are looking at, and if you know what they are looking at, you will be able to tailor your website to whatever will get more views and more potential customers.
  4. Aside from knowing what your customers need, also be sure to still keep your content relevant. This article gives you a quick guide to writing value-added content to your website.
  5. Keep your language clear and directly to the point. If they have to worry about having to bring out a dictionary to understand what you mean, then you’re not doing it right.
  6. In the same vein, beware of grammatical errors. The more grammatical errors you have, the less trustworthy you may seem.
  7. It’s okay to rub elbows with well-known authority sites. “When you link out to external resources generously, it sends a signal to Google that you really care about offering real value to people.”
  8. Show client testimonials and case studies. This proves that what you offer really helps. Also, make sure that these clients can be trusted. Providing links to their websites may help.
  9. Start a blog. While your main website shows what you offer, a blog is an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in the industry.
  10. Try to keep ads to a minimum. It can be very distracting, and you may look desperate.

Keep those things in mind and surely, you’ll be on your way to establishing your site as an authority.

According to seoexplode.com/blog, “an authority site is a site that people trust and look at as a great source of information and knowledge”.