Types of Text Styles Used on Custom Rubber Wristbands

customrubberpinsWristbands are popular accessories used as gifts for a large group of people or raising awareness for a specific course. The availability of custom rubber wristbands nowadays makes it possible for every organization or company to distribute these pieces to members and employees. Clients can choose from a wide array of designs to highlight their supported causes or companies. But more than the color, clients can also take advantage of three text styles that guarantees their wristbands will stand out.

Debossed Wristbands

Debossed texts are the common text styles on wristbands. In this procedure, the texts are pressed on the wristband using an etched printing material. Contrary to embossing, debossed texts will look recessed on the item instead of protruding or raised above the texts. This procedure is also used for placing texts on other items like dog tags, books, invitations and calling cards.

The debossing process of custom rubber wristbands includes a combination of pressure and heat or other essential components to stamp the texts properly. Companies making these bands use the right amount of heat and debossing materials to ensure the final stamp output is clean and readable.

Despite the similar debossing procedures across all wristbands, wristband manufacturers assure clients that they can get the font they need for the bands. Experts know the importance of branding and making the item noticeable the moment people see the font. Buyers simply need to give the font choice and the expert will create the piece for them.

Debossed Painted Wristbands

Numerous clients prefer debossed painted texts for their custom rubber wristbands to make them extra appealing. Instead of having the debossed texts, buyers can choose to paint the interior text spaces as additional embellishment. Debossed texts are good and make the wristband look clean and simple. Painting the texts, however, emphasizes the message or the name of the organization. Clients can choose from a long list of colors available and something that will certainly match the target branding or message.

Since the painted area is the space within the text’s borders, experts make sure to paint these spaces intricately to ensure they will look clean and appealing. New technologies are used for painting these spaces to ensure clients will get their pieces on time without sacrificing overall wristband quality.

Silkscreen Wristbands

Instead of stamping texts through debossing, silkscreen wristbands utilize silkscreen printing procedures to place texts. The wristband will have the texts printed directly on its surface using silkscreen and special paint. Many clients choose this option because of its offered features like attaining exact font output since the manufacturer only needs to create the pattern. Paint will pass through the screen spaces by pressing it using a squeegee.

Many people think that using silkscreen on custom rubber wristbands is simple. It might be, but consider the size of the wristband together with the rubber material that is difficult to keep in place. Experts must intricately print on the pieces to guarantee the printed text comes out as expected by clients.

The major benefit of choosing this option is placing special details like logos and other designs that give the wristband the appeal required by clients. Using silkscreen also gives way to integrating a wide array of color shades for enhanced designing. Clients can be confident that they will attain their brand and preferred design with this printing option.

Overall, placing texts on custom rubber wristbands should not be a problem. These options allow clients to be confident on the outcome and distribute them to recipients without problems. Look for these options to ensure the finished wristband design meets your requirement.

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