Turning ID lanyards into a Fashion Statement

Fashion is one of hottest topics nowadays. Every magazine and blog discusses fashion in every way possible. This subject has become a trending topic not just because of the flawless models who wear those elegant and one of a kind clothes, but because of the fascination of seemingly ordinary people who want to make a statement through fashion. Everyone wants to show other people who they really are with the way they dress, and fashion guides them in making it possible. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression, an art form known to all.

ID lanyardsBut what if your current situation hinders you from doing so? Like for example, you end up doing a job that requires you to wear a uniform? What if you are a student who has to stick to wearing that dull uniform? Yes, you still have weekends to be yourself and to be able to express yourself. What if it’s not enough? Another way to have fun and to show your uniqueness in a world filled with uniformity is through having personalized ID lanyards.

ID lanyards are needed in school and offices since IDs are required for students and employees. Aside from being required to wear uniforms all the time, IDs are a big requirement for most. Without IDs, you might not be allowed to enter your school or workplace. But not all has nor strictly implements wearing their school’s or company’s ID lanyards. You can have your own personalized lanyard.

See? This way, you can still show your creativity and make a fashion statement through ID lanyards. You can showcase your love for fashion by choosing designs that suit your taste. You can go for a sweet and chic look by going for a dainty colored lanyard with hearts and sparkles. If you want something more edgy and unique, you can make your very own abstract designs and imprint them on your lanyard. If you are more on the gothic fashion, dark colors with skulls are your top choice. If you are an otaku, there are a lot of lanyards for sale that has your favorite anime faces or logos as designs. There are so many that you can choose from depending on what you want. It’s like choosing for your clothes, as it all depends on your fashion palate.

Like any other fashion statement, it can go for the worst or for the best. This is why it is very important to take into consideration the place that you opt to use your lanyards in. Despite the freedom to unleash your creativity, there should always be some restrictions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you no longer have the freedom to choose what design you should put into your lanyards but you have to be a little bit considerate. It doesn’t kill to think and care about what others might think – even just for a little bit. An example would be, if you work in a church and your fashion is more on the gothic style. It would make the priests’ heads shake if they see your oversized lanyard with bloody skulls on it. The solution? Go for a not so overwhelming design. Maybe you can still go for skulls, but make it smaller and avoid making it seem gory. You don’t need to quit a job just so you could make a fashion statement. All you need to do is to learn how to compromise.

With ID lanyards becoming a new and accessible fashion statement, it won’t be a surprise if students and employees who are stuck in wearing uniforms would eventually stop complaining.

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