How to Become A Content Writer

Writing is a very satisfying career. It allows you to express yourself. It also allows you to learn a lot of things.

Furthermore, it is a great work-from-home option. With the increasing popularity of social media marketing and the internet, becoming a writer nowadays is easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago. If you love writing and you want to have more flexible work time, then it would be a great idea to become a freelance content writer.

Content writerA content writer is generally responsible for creating website content. But, nowadays, it goes more than that. Some web writers are responsible for online journalism. Sometimes, these writers may even need to have sophisticated technical skills that crosses and overlaps with marketing and web design.

The online wordsmiths are often responsible for writing full-length web articles and micro-content used to describe certain products and services. These writers are also responsible for creating interesting meta tags or title tags.

Some content writers even write e-books, job descriptions, recipes, terms, contracts, and even an email marketing sales pitch!

Here are some of the responsibilities of a content writer:

1.Research and write original web content from scratch

2.Edit and update the web content if necessary

3.Write articles for ezines

4.Proofread and publish the content online

5.Write title tags and web headlines

6.Create interesting meta tags

7.In some situations, content writers are required to write HTML or XML

8.Write text for no frame tags

9.Write descriptions of frames and images

10.Write e-books and email marketing pitch if necessary

11.Train and help new staff writers, if necessary

12.Content management

13.Coordinate with the design team to ensure that the content is consistent with the design

If you want to be a content creator, it is best to enhance your writing skills. It is also best to get yourself acquainted with the latest content creation and management trends. As a writer, you’ll need to have to have the following skills and qualities: content management, writing skills, content development, balance, clarity, ability to take criticisms, interpersonal skills, and consistency. You should also have the ability to work remotely and with minimal supervision.

You have to use online resources to enhance your writing skills. You could watch instructional videos, read books, or join writing communities. You could also check out Slide Share and other online sources. You can also meet up with senior writers and ask for valuable tips that will help you improve your craft and hone your skills. It is best to find a mentor who is willing to help you.

If you do not have enough knowledge about social media marketing and SEO, it is best to do some research online. There are a lot of informative articles on that topic. You could also watch instructional YouTube videos.

If you are just starting out, it is important to write some articles and do some projects for free or for a minimal fee. This will give you an opportunity to enhance your writing skills and to observe some market trends.

It is best to bid the lowest for a specific project on freelancer sites. It is also ideal to start a blog and a request for back links from famous and more reputable blogs. Advertising your services in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, could prove to be advantageous.

Of course, you could try bidding for projects on websites like Elance, Odesk, Peopleperhour, Guru, and Upwork. These websites provide amazing opportunities for freelance writers all over the globe.

Being a content writer actually increases your satisfaction in life because you’d know that somehow, through the articles you’ve written, you help online readers make wise choices.

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