MLS Long Island, What You Should Know

MLS or MLS Long Island stands for multiple listing service. It is a service that real estate brokers use to gain access to listings from other real estate broker’s database and share their own listing as well. In this day and age of fast paced information sharing, almost everybody uses MLS Long Island. Multiple listing services can help you sell your property faster than listing it with one real estate agent or broker alone. It opens up your property’s doors to more potential buyers than ever.

MLS Long Island is an option offered to sellers by real estate brokers to let other real estate brokers handle the sales process from beginning to end. This means other brokers can market, auction or negotiate on your behalf. It removes the exclusive rights of one real estate broker from selling your property and gives more brokers access to your property for selling.

Multiple listing services have been around since the late 1800s. Even when computers and online listings have not been invented or used as much as it is used today, several groups of real estate agents would meet and exchange listing in order to let other brokers see what they have. Then they divide the profits or commission based on their agreement.

homeOnce you have signed a multiple listing agreement with your agent, other real estate agents and brokers now have the rights to market your property on their own website. The profits from selling your property can be shared by both your real estate agent and the other real estate agent that sold it for you. This would still depend on the agreements between the real estate agents using the listing. Some only allow a percentage of the profits to be given to the original agent that you signed up with while the agent that sold your property gets more. Others agree to a 50-50 profit sharing.

Access to these multiple listed properties is limited to the brokers and agents that are members or partners of your real estate agent. This means not just anybody can see your property unless they are allowed so there is no need to worry about your safety or your property’s safety. The real estate agents and brokers with access to your property are well trained and would not divulge any information about your property unless you have explicitly given them permission.

Most people looking to sell their properties fast like this kind of arrangement because it lets them reach more potential buyers. This looks good in theory but in reality some agents don’t like to work hard for multiple listing properties because of the shared commission. Properties listed exclusively with one real estate agent or broker means the commission goes to them completely.

Another pitfall of selling your property through multiple listing is that potential buyers could look to the real estate agent that has the lowest price and go to them. Some agents list your property lower than your asking price depending on the market that they have. So potential clients look for that agent and try to transact with them instead. This lowers your property value and profit as well.

MLS Long Island has its pros and cons. Whether you put your property up for sale this way or exclusively list it with one real estate agent or broker is your choice. Just make sure that you know what you are getting into. Ask your real estate agent or broker any questions you might have in order to understand fully what multiple listing is all about. If your agent is a good agent, he will want you to feel at ease and would be willing to answer your questions truthfully.

Planning Conferences with Efficiency: The Ultimate Secret Revealed!

The success of a conference lies mainly on the presence of the right keynote speakers. Frankly, this is the ultimate secret.

Well, the venue helps a lot. The audience or participants also matter significantly. Having a good program is a MUST. BUT in the end, the right speaker will knit all these things together to give you a conference worth remembering. So, if you happen to be planning yours now, then you read on to discover how to make your conference the best of them all!

First, see the following guidelines that will enable you to weed out the bad from the good on your keynote speakers list.

• Choose someone who will stir the curiosity of your audience. This will intrigue them and better yet, entice them to sign up early. By doing so, you can already forecast beforehand the number of people participating in your conference. Now, that’s shooting two birds with one stone!

• Understand the person’s message yourself. You need to be connected to his principle before you can truly convince others to listen to him. Conduct a bit of extra research and watch similar conferences or talks the person has also facilitated. Did his words move you? If so, then he can be a good option then!

• Money matters even when it comes to these events. Make sure that the speaker’s fee is likewise a perfect fit for your budgetary allocations. Do not go overboard! There is a sea of equally great keynote speakers that would be perfect for your budget, too. Be patient in searching for him or her!

How to get that WOW FACTOR?

The relevance of the message of your prospective speaker is a game changer. Even though he or she may be the most popular motivational speaker around, if his or her message does not match with your theme and main goals, consider the conference a failure. You will have to take note that although NAMES matter in any industry, the connection that the speaker would be able establish with the audience is the main parameter of success.

Keynote speakerTo gain that elusive WOW FACTOR, you can ask for a brief outline of the speaker’s message. See if it indeed makes an impact. You can also make him involved up to a certain extent in planning the conference itself. Always welcome creative input from every resource.

Help your audience and the speaker connect early on!

If you are quite certain of the speaker to choose, then start engaging the audience. You may want to use an online platform to start sending trivia on the speaker. In addition, you can also start surveying for potential questions. The interest flowing from both ends will help establish the first steps of connection. This will then help you achieve a bigger success on the conference itself.

Do not forget these essential steps!

Planning a conference does not stop from the Goodbye’s or the Thank-You’s after the delivery of the message. There are post-conference steps that should be taken as well. See to it that you also obtain feedback from both sides after the conference. Feedback from the audience will make you see if you could invite the same speaker again in the future. You will also see if he or she has conveyed his or her message well.

Moreover, feedback from the speaker is just as important. It can also help you check if he had encountered difficulties with the entire setup. You will learn a lot from these sets of feedback, and you can incorporate them the next time you plan another conference. You will also learn more things from Finding your next keynote speakers will become a breeze later on!