How to Become A Content Writer

Writing is a very satisfying career. It allows you to express yourself. It also allows you to learn a lot of things.

Furthermore, it is a great work-from-home option. With the increasing popularity of social media marketing and the internet, becoming a writer nowadays is easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago. If you love writing and you want to have more flexible work time, then it would be a great idea to become a freelance content writer.

Content writerA content writer is generally responsible for creating website content. But, nowadays, it goes more than that. Some web writers are responsible for online journalism. Sometimes, these writers may even need to have sophisticated technical skills that crosses and overlaps with marketing and web design.

The online wordsmiths are often responsible for writing full-length web articles and micro-content used to describe certain products and services. These writers are also responsible for creating interesting meta tags or title tags.

Some content writers even write e-books, job descriptions, recipes, terms, contracts, and even an email marketing sales pitch!

Here are some of the responsibilities of a content writer:

1.Research and write original web content from scratch

2.Edit and update the web content if necessary

3.Write articles for ezines

4.Proofread and publish the content online

5.Write title tags and web headlines

6.Create interesting meta tags

7.In some situations, content writers are required to write HTML or XML

8.Write text for no frame tags

9.Write descriptions of frames and images

10.Write e-books and email marketing pitch if necessary

11.Train and help new staff writers, if necessary

12.Content management

13.Coordinate with the design team to ensure that the content is consistent with the design

If you want to be a content creator, it is best to enhance your writing skills. It is also best to get yourself acquainted with the latest content creation and management trends. As a writer, you’ll need to have to have the following skills and qualities: content management, writing skills, content development, balance, clarity, ability to take criticisms, interpersonal skills, and consistency. You should also have the ability to work remotely and with minimal supervision.

You have to use online resources to enhance your writing skills. You could watch instructional videos, read books, or join writing communities. You could also check out Slide Share and other online sources. You can also meet up with senior writers and ask for valuable tips that will help you improve your craft and hone your skills. It is best to find a mentor who is willing to help you.

If you do not have enough knowledge about social media marketing and SEO, it is best to do some research online. There are a lot of informative articles on that topic. You could also watch instructional YouTube videos.

If you are just starting out, it is important to write some articles and do some projects for free or for a minimal fee. This will give you an opportunity to enhance your writing skills and to observe some market trends.

It is best to bid the lowest for a specific project on freelancer sites. It is also ideal to start a blog and a request for back links from famous and more reputable blogs. Advertising your services in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, could prove to be advantageous.

Of course, you could try bidding for projects on websites like Elance, Odesk, Peopleperhour, Guru, and Upwork. These websites provide amazing opportunities for freelance writers all over the globe.

Being a content writer actually increases your satisfaction in life because you’d know that somehow, through the articles you’ve written, you help online readers make wise choices.

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Basic Things you Need to know about a Printed Circuit Board

You have probably heard of printed circuit boards (PCBs)but don’t actually know what they are. You may not be aware that these boards are present in almost all electronic gadgets at home and at work.There are also alternatives to printed circuit boards such as wire wraps. These days, the manufacture and assembly of boards are already automated.

If you need to understand the basics of PCBs, this article will be very helpful.The most fundamental thing that you need to know is that the main function of a printed circuit board is to mechanically support and electronically connect components.The main material to fulfill this function is a conductive pad.The features of the printed circuit board are etched using copper sheets.These copper sheets are laminated on a substrate.The substrate where they are laminated should be non-conductive.

Printed Circuit BoardYou may also distinguish PCBs according to their features and components.There are several kinds such as the single-sided PCB, a double-sided PCB, and a multi-layer PCB.You can see the difference in the number of copper layers.As expected, PCBs with multiple layers have more advantages because they have a higher density.The conductors on several layers of multi-layer PCBs are connected using holes that are called vias.

If you look closely at a printed circuit board, it is composed of an insulating substrate.The material that is primarily used for this purpose is a glass epoxy called FR-4.A layer of copper foil is used to laminate either one or both sides of an FR-4 board. Circuits are then etched onto the layers of copper to make the PCBs.Using PCBs in circuit manufacturing is faster and cheaper than employing other wiring methods.Wiring errors are also minimized.

The global demand for printed circuit boards is continuing to rise, and is expected to rise for the coming years.In 2012, the world market for PCBs was already worth around 60 billion US dollars.China is still the world leader for printed circuit board demand and production.Given the forecast made last year, China’s PCB production share is projected to increase further by 5%.You’re probably wondering about the reason behind this increased global demand.It is simply mankind’s increased dependence and use of machines. According to Daryl Plummer, Distinguished Analyst for PCB Magazine, the roles that machines play are shifting dramatically.Computer-based machines are now being used to create an expanding variety of experiences.

The ideas behind the modern design of printed circuit boards were started in Germany, when an inventor named Albert Hanson described in his writings foil conductors that are laminated into an insulating board.Even Thomas Edison experimented with plating conductors.However, you should give credit to an Austrian engineer by the name of Paul Eisler who invented the printed circuit.It is the USA that began using it on a large scale for making fuses during World War II.A company called Globe Union, particularly its Centralab Division, won the bid to manufacture them. These proximity fuses used in World War II needed an electronic circuit that could withstand being fired from a powerful gun.The proposed technique of Centralab proved to be viable.Harry Rubinstein, the head of Centralab during that time, was honored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in 1984 because of his early contributions to the development of PCBs.

One of the basic things that you should know about PCBs is that they also have different assembly methods. It could be through-hole construction or surface-mounted technology.Starting from the 1980s onwards, small surface mount parts have been utilized instead of through-hole parts.This has been proven to be more economical as it led to smaller boards that significantly lowered production costs.

Hopefully, this article contributed to your basic understanding of PCBs.

The Movable Cubicle Advantage

Moving to a new home can be one of the best experiences anyone can have. However, it can also be the most stressful event in an individual’s life. This can lead to long hours of packing, storing, and moving. It’s a difficult task that many are not prepared to do. Good thing there is the option to avail of a movable cubicle these days.

This form of storage container has opened new opportunities to help homeowners, and even organizations and companies, to ease their moving concerns. First, it is best to learn about the different features of this portable storage. These cubicles can be rented or purchased. Various companies add extra features for each of their storage containers to better meet the expectations of different customers. Here are the five main perks offered by this service:


This is usually the top concern of many home owners who are planning to relocate. Costs of rental and transport can be trouble some for many because these can be expensive.

Choosing to use a movable cubicle can save a lot of money. Portable containers are usually available in different sizes that are fit for various purposes and budgets. These also save you from having to spend on manual labor because you can simply ask for the cubicle to be placed in your home, then pack things on your own.


As mentioned earlier, there are different sizes that you can choose from. This is convenient because even for storing big pieces of furniture, a single movable cubicle is often enough. This is also cheaper because you will only use one and would require a single transport.

You can also check for containers that are made of steel or wood, depending on the company that you are going to contact. That’s why it is better to look for containers from different companies so that you can compare and pick the one that fits your purpose and budget.


With the increasing popularity of storage containers, there are many companies that are extending their transport services. Most have nationwide transport services, while others can also offer global transport. This offers real convenience because you can have your things moved to any desired location.

Companies and organizations may also purchase these cubicles for temporary purposes. They can choose to place these in locations where they are going to work. This is usually done by construction companies for their convenience.

4.Facility Storage

There are many companies nowadays that keep their own storage facility. This is where they place a customer’s movable cubicle for safekeeping until that person decides to move it somewhere else. Others would use this feature as an extended option to have multiple places for keeping their things secured.

Movable CubicleAlso, if you do not wish to place certain valuables in your new home, you can use the storage facility as your personal “vault” – even for keeping useless things that you just can’t throw away.

With your valuables placed in the facility, you can be sure of their safety. You are still the one with the key to your container.

5.Multiple Functions

As you’d probably expect, there are other ways of using such a versatile cubicle. Whether you’re a homeowner or an entrepreneur who needs to store or move all kinds of things (regardless of what those are), you’ll find a use for these storage solutions. After all, given how spacious these are, there are a lot things that you can place inside.

Overall, a movable cubicle is a great option for both its functional and convenient features. Should you have the need to relocate, you can try using this type of storage and moving solution.

Turning ID lanyards into a Fashion Statement

Fashion is one of hottest topics nowadays. Every magazine and blog discusses fashion in every way possible. This subject has become a trending topic not just because of the flawless models who wear those elegant and one of a kind clothes, but because of the fascination of seemingly ordinary people who want to make a statement through fashion. Everyone wants to show other people who they really are with the way they dress, and fashion guides them in making it possible. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression, an art form known to all.

ID lanyardsBut what if your current situation hinders you from doing so? Like for example, you end up doing a job that requires you to wear a uniform? What if you are a student who has to stick to wearing that dull uniform? Yes, you still have weekends to be yourself and to be able to express yourself. What if it’s not enough? Another way to have fun and to show your uniqueness in a world filled with uniformity is through having personalized ID lanyards.

ID lanyards are needed in school and offices since IDs are required for students and employees. Aside from being required to wear uniforms all the time, IDs are a big requirement for most. Without IDs, you might not be allowed to enter your school or workplace. But not all has nor strictly implements wearing their school’s or company’s ID lanyards. You can have your own personalized lanyard.

See? This way, you can still show your creativity and make a fashion statement through ID lanyards. You can showcase your love for fashion by choosing designs that suit your taste. You can go for a sweet and chic look by going for a dainty colored lanyard with hearts and sparkles. If you want something more edgy and unique, you can make your very own abstract designs and imprint them on your lanyard. If you are more on the gothic fashion, dark colors with skulls are your top choice. If you are an otaku, there are a lot of lanyards for sale that has your favorite anime faces or logos as designs. There are so many that you can choose from depending on what you want. It’s like choosing for your clothes, as it all depends on your fashion palate.

Like any other fashion statement, it can go for the worst or for the best. This is why it is very important to take into consideration the place that you opt to use your lanyards in. Despite the freedom to unleash your creativity, there should always be some restrictions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you no longer have the freedom to choose what design you should put into your lanyards but you have to be a little bit considerate. It doesn’t kill to think and care about what others might think – even just for a little bit. An example would be, if you work in a church and your fashion is more on the gothic style. It would make the priests’ heads shake if they see your oversized lanyard with bloody skulls on it. The solution? Go for a not so overwhelming design. Maybe you can still go for skulls, but make it smaller and avoid making it seem gory. You don’t need to quit a job just so you could make a fashion statement. All you need to do is to learn how to compromise.

With ID lanyards becoming a new and accessible fashion statement, it won’t be a surprise if students and employees who are stuck in wearing uniforms would eventually stop complaining.

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